Visual Effects

We have a solid experience in compositing and in the past we have realized VisualFX shots and MotionGraphics in addition to highly technical projects.

/TouchUp (VFX/VCC)

EnhancementVFXOur origin is the visual manipulation of image sequences: compositing and VFX. In this area, we combine our creativity in dealing with the tools of modern motion picture editing and create visual effects according to customer requirements. Due to our consulting, we can help avoiding problems. I. e. necessary effect plates can be shot as part of the production. This saves you time, money and often has an advantage in terms of authenticity compared to purely digitally created supplements (VisualValue).


  • Light FX
  • Set-Extentions
  • Creative extentions of shots via keying, camera-solving etc.
  • e.a..


MotionGraphicsAs a special discipline in compositing, the focus here is on the animation of graphic elements. From logo animations to title sequences for end titles. We offer graphically pleasing works. For example, all pictograms and CI-colored graphics have been created 100% by us.

Examples of the application

  • Logo-Animations
  • Text overlay/animations
  • End titles (optimized for several target resolutions)
  • e.a.

endime – Logo-Animation

CineQuaNon – Logo-Animation