Our performance profile includes many specialised subcategories which enable us to offer a broad variety of solutions and contributions to the film industry. Our processing pipeline and expertise contribute not only a technical and qualitative advantage but even more so an economical edge for your productions.

Digital Film Restoration

Starting with a high-quality film scan with precautionary film cleaning as required, we have successfully completed many challenging projects. In addition to the technically available functions of commercial programs, our advantage lies in the constant development of an open pipeline for film restoration.


Technical Image Processing

Under the term of ‘technical image processing’, we summarize all work steps which, when correctly executed, are primarily technically oriented towards possible creative use. Often it is about the preparation of processing steps for visual effects or fully automated conversion steps.

KeyingSegmentationCameraSolving MatchmovingCleanPlatingRetimingOpticalFlowStereoFormatKonvertierung

Visual Effects

We offer visual effects with an emphasis on compositing and motion graphics. This focus is particularly suitable for logo animations, movie titles or games and can also be supplemented with 3D graphics.



Authoring describes the production of masters for the duplication of DVD and Bluray or DCP. Beyond this area, we have developed our own software for high-quality encoding in order to convert large amounts of video files with intelligent cropping, to provide multiple audio tracks and, for example, to add chapter marks.