More than ‘just’ images..

For us, pictures are more than the sum of their pixels. We focus on technical solutions for image processing at the highest level. At the same time, due to the high level of automation, we are also in a position to offer economically competitive services.

We would like to introduce ourselves and present which kind of projects and productions we can realize for you. Get in contact with us..

advantage Benefits of our services

Data consistency

  • We use state-of-the-art image synthesis and analysis techniques: every image that belongs to your project remains part of the project and is preserved throughout the entire process in the highest possible quality
  • Checksum procedures for data integrity are standard in every case
  • Invasive sampling processing does not degrade image quality if calculation is of no significance, avoiding proprietary dependencies that can cause measurable and visible losses at the algorithmic leinvel

Open workflow

  • We do not work with prefabricated and limited products (hardware/software) for film restoration or general technical image processing, but with a flexible workflow comparable to those in the world’s leading companies for VFX (VisualEffects)
  • We can often solve restorative challenges with individually written algorithms, which means our pipeline is constantly evolving and improving
  • Injection principle of data by secondary software: What we do not yet have in our portfolio, but is available interdisciplinary in the open source environment, we can turn into something suitable and use it


  • In collaboration with the acknowledged non-pofit organisation SCHRIFT-BILDER gGmbH we use and develop a system of precise project documentation (eg for editing, resolution/quantization from scan to finished product)

Project Re-Load

  • Separate management of essence (image content / sound) and meta-data
  • Project data (often not more than 100 megabytes) can be archived separately and reloaded to the essence at a later time