This page presents our work share on Fritz Lang's Metroplis from 1927. For more technical aspects get in touch with us via company website.

Stabilization: OnePoint, MultiPoint, Cross-DeWarp, MotionFiltering/DeJitter
stab_0102 stab_0201 stab_0304 stab_0402 stab_0703 stab_0717 stab_1407

INSERTS which had to be transferred to german language. Light, motion and perspective changes remain as given by original reference.
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Shot breakdowns, a GrainManagement matching snippet & TechDEMOS
04_ins_sb 06_ins_sb grain 20091201_techdemo 20100223_techdemo

Image courtesy of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Wiesbaden. Filtering Details at Alpha-Omega.
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